Lulu’s Top Images of 2018

Lulu’s Top Images of 2018

Lulu’s Top 7 Images of 2018

Yes, yes I know we are moving right into 2019 already, however, I couldn’t let last year go by with out picking some of my absolute favorite images of 2018! I’d like to do something extra fun with this roundup of images! Who is up for some fun!? I’ll post the top 7 here as well as on Instagram… here’s where y’all come in! Head over to Insta and vote your favorite! The extra fun part??? Every single vote will throw your name into a random drawing for 15% off from your next session and a free 8×10 from your session!!! So without further adieu HERE they are!!!

This images is just so stunning and speaks such volumes! When my client requested Easter images with a Lamb we immediately started searching for a sweet little lamb! We were so blessed to find Foell”s Farm and Sweet Little Oliver! He couldn’t have been any more precious or brought this vision to life in any better way! I of course have to say a special thanks to my dear husband for crafting the barn wood Cross that brought this image full circle.

This sweet face arrived at our session napping with sleepy eyes! We chatted, had a few snacks, walked a bit, and that face lit up! I mean look at those precious pink cheeks and those EYES!!!

This image!!! This whole session! This session made me cry…it made my knees shake, and it makes me so very very happy!!! About 6 months ago I got a call from Christi she had a special request for a session…Nic and her 10 year anniversary was this year, and she wanted to capture some more images of them together in her dress…This was not just any anniversary/dress session though! It would be a surprise for Nicholas. It would also hold special meaning for Christi…She explained that they did not do a first look on their wedding day, and she wanted to get to “see” his face when he saw her this time! (Most people that know Christi, know that she is legally blind) So this would be the first time that she would get to see that look on his face with her own eyes! Oh my heart! What a Honor to capture this these moments!! So yes I teared up! And can I just say! LOOK at this woman! 10 years LATER!!! She is as stunning on the outside as in!!! It takes true beauty on the inside to shine like that!

A huge thanks goes out to this girl for pulling out that prom dress and taking a trip to downtown Nashville in the crazy heat to capture these for a project that I had up my sleeve! She was so stunning we couldn’t make it more than a few feet without the next person stopping her to tell her how beautiful she was!!! I have to say that I agree with them!

This crazy girl is mine! Before you say yeah yeah she puts her kid in the roundup! Well…let me just let you in on a secret! This girl has given me a run for my money with a camera since the very day she was born! I might have jumped up and down when she tipped that sweet little face back and laughed! I couldn’t have been more happy to capture this image that so fully expresses her personality for her 5th birthday! I was the one that got a present!

There is something that is just so immensely moving about this image! Father and Son, matched strides just walking down the trail… I was so happy to look up and notice this when we were all done with our session! Natural and completely unposed  my favorite images every time!

So there you have it my favorites from last year! Now hop over to Instagram and vote!!!





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