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Hello! I’m Laura/Lulu I’m a 30 something year old…(almost 40! Shhhh), born and raised in Maine, with a fondness for coffee.. I’m Wife to Jasen, and Mum to 3 beautiful children, Isobel (my little perfectionist!) Kam (my sweet little man who dreams of being taller than Mum…he is getting way too close!) and Esme Ruth (our sweet little firecracker!), and the photographer behind Lulu Issa Photography!

My family and friends mean everything to me! I would do just about anything for every last one of them!!! I’m a perfectionist at heart… I love decorating and creating a special life and home for our little family…I love my porch and a cup of coffee!!! A good book in hand doesn’t hurt! Oh and I may just overthink everything…and I mean like EVERYTHING!!!

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Why Photography You Ask?

I could say that I choose photography because I love to capture special moments…the affection between a mother and her child…a father holding his baby for the first time…or because I love the challenge of producing a high quality image…(and while these are all very true)…there is a deeper reason…Photography has made a very deep and profound impact on my life…as a child the only connection I had to my mother was through a few images that I have of her…I lost her at a very young age…and have no memories of her…I learned about her through these images, what her smile looked like….what her expressions were…(and which ones we share)…I heard everyone tell me how much she loved me…but it was through these very precious pictures that I  understood just how much she loved me…because you see there is something that you can see in a picture….the look in a Mother’s eyes…that just can’t be told, but can  be seen… So this is the true reason that I choose photography…  It is my greatest hope that my images will tell your story too.

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